BioLayout Express3D Version 3.2 Released

Reactome MHC Class 2 pathway BioPAX from Pathway CommonsThe new Version 3.2 release of BioLayout Express3D is available now from our Download page.

We have developed a range of exciting new features, including:

  • BioPAX Level 3 OWL support
  • Pathway Commons client
  • Class Viewer plot zoom function
  • Support

BioLayout Express3D Version 3.1 Released

4elt-FMMMWe are proud to announce the release of BioLayout Express3D version 3.1. Installers are available from our Download page.

The software includes a range of new features, the main ones of which are listed below:

  • Integration of the Fast

Expression Atlas of Human Primary Cells

Human primary cells sample to sample graphBioLayout Express3D has been used to create an expression atlas of human primary cells.

The specialisation of mammalian cells, over time and between different tissues, requires genes associated with specific pathways and functions to be expressed together. In a …

Coexpression Analysis of Genes in Cancer Using BioLayout Express3D

Conservation of transcriptional signatures in graph derived from skin cancer datasetBioLayout Express3D has been used to derive stromal cell-specific gene coexpression signatures from a meta-analysis of a number of publicly available cancer datasets.  The work demonstrates  the power of network analysis to derive expression signatures from tissue data and …

BioLayout Express3D Version 3.0 Released

BioLayout Express3D Version 3.0 Final is available from the Download page.

Following a series of release candidate builds, we have listened to your feedback and ironed out the bugs. BioLayout Express3D Version 3.0 is now compatible with Java …

Marblar – Big Data Goes 3D


BioLayout Express3D has teamed up with Marblar. This is an ambitious crowdsourcing platform. It enables academic researchers to forge links with industry and inventors. Researchers can find fresh opportunities to commercialise their intellectual property assets. BioLayout Express3D