System Requirements

The BioLayout Express3D application minimum hardware requirements are:

  • 512Mb of main RAM
  • Single core CPU 1.5Ghz
  • Graphics card capable of OpenGL rendering
  • Monitor capable of displaying a 1024×768 resolution

With the above requirements, BioLayout Express3D can process and display small to medium size graphs (<5,000 nodes).

For processing and displaying large graphs (>5,000 nodes), the hardware specifications below are recommended for optimum performance:

  • 2Gb of main RAM
  • Dual Core CPU or better for parallelisation of routines
  • NVidia Geforce/Quadro series or ATI equivalent graphics card for OpenGL rendering
  • A latest generation NVidia Geforce/Quadro series or ATI equivalent graphics card for advanced visualization with GLSL Shaders and OpenCL GPU Computing capability
  • 3-button mouse for efficient navigation of graphs in 2D/3D environments
  • Monitor capable of displaying a 1600×1200 resolution

The rule of thumb that applies is that the better/faster the hardware, the larger the graph that can be processed and displayed at acceptable speed/frame rates. The current limit for rendering large networks with a 64bit 8Gb machine is somewhere around 45,000 nodes & 5 million edges, at least in our hands.

WARNING: Poor quality graphics cards and old hardware may severely limit your fun!

The BioLayout Express3D application has been extensively tested with Intel CPUs and Nvidia & AMD/ATI graphics cards with the latest available drivers. We cannot guarantee full functionality of the OpenGL 2D/3D renderers with any other graphics hardware, please try them at your own risk. if you encounter any graphic glitches/problems, please first make sure that you have upgraded your OpenGL drivers to the latest available. Then try working with small graphs, if problems only arise with larger graphs, the issue may well be your particular hardware configuration.

You may find the latest drivers for your graphics card at its manufacturer’s website.

Below are links to some of them:

NVidia related hardware
ATI/AMD related hardware
Intel related hardware